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Roger Davidson

Universal Sacred Music

Soundbrush Records

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MISSA UNIVERSALIS IV: Credo by Roger Davidson
Missa Universalis VI: The Names of God by Roger Davidson
1 Missa Universalis Iv - I. Kyrie
2 Missa Universalis Iv - Ii. Gloria
3 Missa Universalis Iv - Iii. Credo
4 Missa Universalis Iv - Iv. Sanctus
5 Missa Universalis Iv - V. Kyrie
6 Missa Universalis V - I. Kyrie
7 Missa Universalis V - Ii. Gloria
8 Missa Universalis V - Iii. Credo
9 Missa Universalis V - Iv. Kyrie
10 Missa Universalis Vi - The Names Of God - I.
11 Missa Universalis Vi - The Names Of God Ii.
12 Missa Universalis Vi - The Names Of God Iii. Peace (Om Shanti)
13 Missa Universalis Vi - The Names Of God Iv. Epilogue
14 Ayejael Ne Yesu
15 Ayejael Cherokii
16 Ayejael Sufii
17 Amen
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For some artists, music is a means to spiritual enlightenment; for others spirituality is a key element of their musical purpose. But for the eminent composer/pianist Roger Davidson, music and spirituality are inextricably intertwined in his lifelong pursuit of humanism, peace and the illumination of a path for his brothers and sisters to realize the fullest potential instilled in their spirits as children of God.  A humanitarian in the purest sense of the word, Roger is also an ordained minister. He founded the Society for Universal Sacred Music in 2000, for the purpose of promoting this message, particularly by emphasizing the unconditional love of God for us all.

8 NEW  82 Total
Classical 24, CBC
Direct: MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Cleveland, Atlanta, St. Louis, Denver, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Houston, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Austin, Berkeley CA, Albuquerque, Orlando, Hartford, Rochester NY, Madison, Honolulu, Canada
Online: Taintradio, One World Radio

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