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Rapping Rodney
Rodney Dangerfield - The Tonight Show
Rodney Dangerfield (1995, Las Vegas) 1/4
1 They Say You're Laughin' at Me  
2 I Believe  
3 Strangers In the Night  
4 She's Funny That Way  
5 Fools Rush In  
6 He  
7 Somewhere There's a Party  
8 Understand  
9 My Foolish Heart  
10 I Spent My Birthday in Las Vegas  
11 Strangers In The Night (single remix)  
12 Rappin' Rodney  
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Romeo Rodney is a collection of standards that were special to Rodney Dangerfield... and he loved singing them! Rodney loved to sing and wanted to share this music with his fans. The Romeo Rodney collection also includes an extra bonus track of Rodney's 1983 hit "Rappin Rodney."

17 Stations 'ON'
Markets include: Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Cincinatti, Baltimore (ADI), Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Tucson, Louisville, Providence, San Antonio

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