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Robin Spielberg's 'Re-Inventions' racking up big #'s on Amazon, Spotify & Pandora

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Created during the pandemic, Robin Spielberg reached into her treasure trove of music and discovered long lost friends--classical piano scores that always offered her comfort, companionship and piece. On RE-INVENTIONS, Spielberg presents celebrated composers of the past often held soirees where they concocted new ways to play one another's pieces. Mozart himself said that he strove to never play his pieces the same way twice.On this collection of 15 great masterworks, Robin honors the spirit of the great masters by re-inventing and re-imagining their works on an 1898 Steinway. Composers include: Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Schumann, Schubert, Rubinstein and more.

The project is racking up big numbers with a #1 on Amazon Hot New Releases in New Age Relaxation category, Spotify monthly listeners jumping to 247k, Pandora Streams hitting 203 million, and the initial lead track 'Skater's Waltz' now up to 24,300 listens on Spotify.