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Robin McKelle

I Must Have That Man

Release Date: February 4, 2022

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1 I Must Have That Man  

A continued nod to female songwriters, Robin McKelle releases another bonus track from her previous 2010 album; “Mess Around” – I Must Have That Man 

"I've wanted to do this kind of album for a long time. It's a project that spans a number of genres: soul, blues and jazz - all musical styles I love and which define my personality. It's an organic, flesh-and-blood record, recorded with musicians close to me. It has quite a 60s flavor, inspired by the albums Ray Charles and Nina Simone were making at the time." – Robin McKelle

“i must have that man” written by dorothy fields and duke ellington, was recorded by Robin in 2009 but was never released on the full-length ‘Mess Around’ album. It was recorded by master engineer joe ferla and features, aaron goldberg on piano, peter slavov on bass, and mark mclean on drums. The vocals were recut and the tune remixed in 2021. time to dig deep into the vault!

Robin McKelle's husky warm contralto more than measures up to these rhythm 'n' blues songs on her newest release, Mess Around (out on E1 Music on Tuesday, May 4th), which perfectly suits her natural expressiveness. As one jazz diva after another took to the airways, Robin (originally from Rochester, New York) needed to stand out from the competition in record shops. "On stage, people have an idea of who I am. I've always made room for this kind of repertoire in my concerts, but on record, it took me a while to express this character trait, this enthusiasm. I'm obviously not in the same category as Diana Krall or Norah Jones, so I might as well deal with it since that's the way it is (laughter)."

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