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Roberto Prosseda

Charles Gounod - Piano Works

Decca Italy

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Roberto Prosseda plays Mendelssohn's Piano concerto n. 1 op. 25 with Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra

Tour Dates

09/11/2019 - NCPA / Mumbai, India
09/14/2019 - NCPA / Mumbai, India
1 La Veneziana (Barcarolle) in G minor CG 593  
2 Impromptu in G major CG 580 WP  
3 Souvenance (Nocturne) in E flat major CG 590 WP  
4 Marche funebre d'une marionette in D minor CG 583  
5 Six Romances sans Paroles: No. 1: La Pervence in B major CG 585  
6 No. 2: Le Ruisseau in G flat major CG 589  
7 No. 3: Le Soir in E flat major CG 441a  
8 No. 4: Le Calme (La Nonne sanglante) in D flat major CG2e WP  
9 No. 5: Chanson de Printemps in A flat major CG 359a  
10 No. 6: La Lierre (Ivy) in B flat major CG 581  
11 Meditation sur le 1er Prelude de Bach (Ave Maria) in C major CG 89b  
12 Six Preludes et Fugues: Prelude in G major CG 587 a1  
13 Fugue in G major CG 587 a2  
14 Choral in E minor CG 587 b1  
15 Fugue in E minor CG 587 b2  
16 Prelude in C major CG 587 c1  
17 Fugue in C major CG 587 c2  
18 Prelude in D major CG 587 d1  
19 Fugue in D major CG 587 d2  
20 Choral in F major CG 587 e1  
21 Fugue in F major CG 587 e2  
22 Choral in A minor CG 587 f1  
23 Fugue in A minor CG 587 f2  
24 Sonata in E flat major for piano four hands CG 617 - I. Allegro  
25 II. Adagio  
26 III. Presto  
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In celebration of the 200th birthday of French composer Charles Gounod, Roberto Prosseda releases Gounod: Piano Works. The album features a number of world premieres, including Sonata in E-flat Major for Piano Four Hands CG 617, as well as Gounod's well-known pieces such as "Méditation sur le 1er prélude de J. S. Bach (1852)," later known as "Ave Maria," and "Marche funèbre d'une marionette."

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