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Robert Prester


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1 Prester: Sonata for Piano in F minor - Allegro appassionata 8:00
2 Rapsodya 5:00
3 Allegro con agitato 8:00
4 Beethoven: Piano Sonata Op. 26 in A flat major
5 Andante con Variazioni 9:00
6 Scherzo 3:00
7 Marcia funebre 5:00
8 Debussy: Jardins Sous la Pluie 5:00
9 Bach: Prelude #6 in D minor, WTC Bk. II 5:30
10 Fugue #6 in D minor, WTC Bk. II 4:00
11 Chopin: Premier Ballade in G minor 10:00
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Robert Prester releases his long-awaited compilation of solo piano selections, titled - Rapsodya. In a carefully curated studio concert format, Prester presents the recording debut of his original Sonata for Piano in F minor. The sonata, which had its performance debut in 2006, at the Festival Musical de San Miguel De Allende in Mexico, followed by performances at New York's Lincoln Center, and Washington DC's National Gallery, is offset with compositions by Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, and Chopin. All of these works have been lifelong pursuits of Prester, the study of which go back to his formative years, and the pianist wanted to share his evolving relationship with this music, in one listening session.

15 NEW  77 TOTAL
 C24, Beethoven NET, The Romantic Hours, CBC
Direct: SiriusXM, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Denver, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Hartford CT, Columbus OH, Santa Fe, AL(Statewide) MN(Statewide), WI(Statewide), NE(Statewide), MT(Statewide), MI(Statewide), WV(Statewide), CO(Statewide), Canada
Online: Passion Musique et Culture

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