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Rick Cutler


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Rick 'Machine' Cutler Grooving
1 Sienna  
2 Chopin  
3 Thursday Morning (New Haven Dawn)  
4 Gospel  
5 Julie's Song  
6 Forever  
7 Gloria  
8 Home  
9 Early Morning Antique Lamp  
10 One Fading Photograph  
11 The Last Kiss  
12 (You're) Just Enough To Love  
13 Notes On World Peace  
14 Irish Melody  
15 Japanese Eclipse  
16 Spiral Nightfire-Part 1  
17 Wayne/Glimpses Of The Moon  
18 Hole In My Life  
19 Fated Smiles  
20 Women & Children  
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It has always been a dream of mine to release an album of my own music, but when it came time to seriously consider putting something out there for everyone to hear, I had to step back and put some time into deciding exactly what to record & how I'd want it presented. What was most important to me in this process was answering the question, 'What, if anything, in my musical expression could be considered uniquely my own?' I decided on the solo piano approach and felt that what I came up with did justice to the music and satisfied my desire to present something that I could call my own. The title "Sanctuaries" came to mind partially referencing the beautiful Wayne Shorter composition 'Sanctuary,' but more so because I feel these pieces put me in a peaceful place. My hope is that this album can have a similar effect on the listener....Rick Cutler

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SYND: PRI/Echoes
Direct: DMX, Spafax
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Portland, Kansas City, Austin, Berkeley CA, Albuquerque, San Antonio, El Paso, Rochester, Memphis, Honolulu
International: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, South Africa
Online: Live 365,, Jazz Intersection, WGOE, Taintradio, RadioIO, otticFM, world beat canada
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