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Richard Danielpour

Songs in Three Languages w/Plitmann - Iranshahr

Release Date: June 14, 2024

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Interview w/ WGTE
Creators + Innovators
1 Songs of Love and Loss / No. 1. Exuberant 2:17  
2 No. 2. Misterioso 2:55  
3 No. 3. Triste 3:54  
4 No. 4. Andante (Simply flowing) 3:55  
5 No. 5. Lively 1:48  
6 Canti Della Natura / Estate (‘Summer’), No. 1. Moderato e cantabile 3:53  
7 No. 2. Maestoso 2:29  
8 Autunno (‘Autumn’) / No. 3. Grazioso 1:49  
9 No. 4. Larghetto (languid) 2:42  
10 No. 5. Lively, leggiero ben misurato 1:41  
11 Inverno (‘Winter’) / No. 6. Molto moderato 2:05  
12 No. 7. Adagio con rubato 4:16  
13 No. 8. Con moto 2:13  
14 Cambio di Stagione (‘Change of Season’) / No. 9. (Intermezzo): Molto adagio teneramente 4:21  
15 Primavera (‘Spring’) / No. 10. Con moto 2:41  
16 No. 11. Largo 1:50  
17 No. 12. Finale (Country Dance): Scherzando 3:05  
18 Songs of My Father / No. 1. Grazioso e cantabile 4:55  
19 No. 2. Floating, as if in a dream 2:24  
20 No. 3. Molto moderato 3:03  
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Richard Danielpour writes…..I have known Hila Plitmann since 2010; since that time, we have collaborated on seven different works together. She has sung my music on five different Naxos recordings over the years (Ancient Voices, 8.578311-12; Darkness in the Ancient Valley, 8.559707; The Passion of Yeshua, 8.559885-86; Toward a Season of Peace, 8.559772; String Quartet No. 7 ‘Psalms of Solace’, 8.559845). We have each had such a productive professional relationship with Naxos of America and with one another, so it seemed fitting that we should create a recording together of three new works of mine, two of which were commissioned and composed expressly for Hila.

I chose the three works on this album – Songs of Love and Loss, Canti Della Natura (‘Songs of Nature’), and Songs of My Father – in part because each work is in a different language. Each of these languages has been important and central to me throughout my life: Songs of Love and Loss is in Farsi, the language of my Persian ancestors; Canti Della Natura is in Italian, which is a language that I speak fluently from my many years of living in Italy; and Songs of My Father is derived from poems in English that were written by my father, Sayid Danielpour. These poems of my father, which have remained very dear to me throughout the years, were written in 1964 as love letters to my mother.

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