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Redi Hasa

The Stollen Cello - Delux

Decca Records

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1 Finger Dance (Baleti I Gishtave)  
2 Play Time (Chello Jo)  
3 Not Far (Jo Largo)  
4 With a Little Help from My Friends (The Beatles)  
5 Morning Breeze (Flladi)  
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Following the success of his debut album, The Stollen Cello, cellist Redi Hasa releases a new Deluxe Edition out on Decca Records. Continuing his inspiring journey of a young man caught up in the Albanian conflict in the early 1990s, as he navigates his new life in Italy with his most prized possession: a stolen cello.


The exquisite collection of music will be joined by 5 new tracks which showcase Hasa's unique style and reveal more of his poignant story, Finger Dance guides you through the scales and choreography of mastering his instrument, Play Time is wistfully reminiscent of childlike play and games, Not Far is an emotive exploration of dreams that weren't as far away as once thought and Morning Breeze paints a picture of waking up to morning in the mountains. The final addition to the deluxe album is an unexpected cover of The Beatles' With a Little Help from My Friends Hasa's tribute to a band that inspired him as a young musician who dreamed of freedom.

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