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Rea Beaumont


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Rea Beaumont performing at the Glenn Gould Studio theatre, 2013
1 Rea Beaumont: Aldeburgh - By the Sea  
2 Philip Glass: Mad Rush  
3 Jordan Nobles: Zephyrus  
4 Srul Irving Glick: Six Preludes  
5 2  
6 3  
7 4  
8 5  
9 6  
10 John Adams: China Gates  
11 Rea Beaumont: The Goodbye  
12 Jordan Pal: Study in White  
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Music has the power to change our perception of time.  It can act as a driving force, provide a moment for reflection, and even give the illusion of time suspended. Occasionally the compositions on the album dispense with metric structures (time signatures) and predictable rhythmic groups.  Without a frame of reference, the listener is unable to anticipate the metric pulse and is, instead, encouraged to listen in the present moment as the composition unfolds.  However, there is no frame of reference for time, except that which we impose upon it.  The album cover features Foucault's Pendulum at the Panthéon in Paris, which measures the Earth's rotation and reminds us that time is passing by. 

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