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Radical Face

Ghost - anniversary edition

Bear Machine

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Asleep On A Train
Welcome Home, Son
Ramas Sagradas

Tour Dates

11/12/2019 - Lido / Berlin, Germany
01/22/2020 - 191 Toole / Tucson, AZ
02/29/2020 - El Club / Detroit, MI
1 Asleep on a Train  
2 Welcome Home, Son  
3 Let the River In  
4 Glory  
5 The Strangest Things  
6 Wrapped in Piano Strings  
7 Along the Road  
8 Haunted  
9 Winter is Coming  
10 Sleepwalking  
11 Homesick  
12 Asleep On A Train - String Version  
13 Glory - Live  
14 Let The River In - Instrumental  
15 Wrapped In Piano Strings - Live  
16 Haunted - Instrumental  
17 Along The Road - Live  
18 Asleep On A Train - Piano  
19 Welcome Home, Son - Orchestral  
20 Sleepwalking - Acoustic  
21 The Strangest Things - Music Box  
22 Winter Is Coming - Live  
23 Homesick - Piano  
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Radical Face's cult classic Ghost has been streamed over 150 Million times on Spotify alone, has been featured on numerous TV shows and movies such as Weeds, Blacklist, Skins and Humboldt County, as well as the song "Welcome Home, Son" becoming the theme song for brand Nikon globally for 8 years. The growth over the last decade has been completely organic and continues to sell and stream more today and it did upon its release. Ben made the record in a shed behind his moms house in Jacksonville Florida between midnight and 6 a.m. so he could record without car noises in the background. He wrote, produced, mixed, mastered and performed everything on the record as well as created all original artwork.

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