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Quynh Nguyen

The Flower of France - Germaine Tailleferre Works

Music & Arts
Release Date: June 16, 2022

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Winnipeg's CLASSIC107 Interview
Interview w/ WGTE
1 Impromptu  
2 Romance  
3 Pas trop vite  
4 Pastorale in D Major  
5 Hommage … Debussy  
6 TrSs vite  
7 Sicilienne  
8 Pastorale in A Flat Major  
9 Fleurs de France No. 1 Jasmin de Provence  
10 Fleurs de France No. 2 Coquelicot de Guyenne  
11 Fleurs de France No. 3 Rose d'Anjou  
12 Fleurs de France No. 4 Tournesol du Languedoc  
13 Fleurs de France No. 5 Anth_mis du Roussillon  
14 Fleurs de France No. 6 Lavandin de Haute - Provence  
15 Fleurs de France No. 7 Volubilis du B_arn  
16 Fleurs de France No. 8 Bleuet de Picardie  
17 Chiens  
18 Pastorale Inca  
19 Minuet in B flat Major  
20 Berceuse  
21 Au Pavillon d'Alsace  
22 Fugue du Parapluie  
23 Chant chinois  
24 L'Aigle des rues No. 1 Valse  
25 L'Aigle des rues No. 2 Berceuse  
26 L'Aigle des rues No. 3 La Dispute  
27 L'Aigle des rues No. 4 Fugue  
28 L'Aigle des rues No. 5 Lent  
29 Pas de Deux (from ballet Parisiana)  
30 Pastourelle (from ballet Parisiana)  
31 Larghetto  
32 Valse lente  
33 Partita for piano Perpetuum mobile  
34 Partita for piano Notturno  
35 Partita for piano Allegramente  
36 Sonata alla Scarlatti  
37 Reverie  
38 Barbizon  
39 Escarpol?e  
40 Singeries  
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Award-winning Vietnamese American pianist Quynh Nguyen’s (pron. Quin Nwen) newest recording The Flower of France, Germaine Tailleferre, Works for Piano [MA-1306], is now available on the Music & Arts label. The album features works, curated by Nguyen, originally for solo piano, as well as transcriptions and excerpts from Tailleferre’s ballets and film scores representing some of the composer’s best and most significant works, including a number of tracks rarely played or recorded.

The works on this album span 60 years, from the lyrical Impromptu – Tailleferre’s first published work, composed in 1912 at age 20 to Singeries (Monkey Business), which was written in 1975, near the end of her career. The title is derived from the solo piano suite Fleurs De France, a group of short character pieces Tailleferre composed in 1930, each dedicated to a flower that evokes landscapes in distinct regions of France.

Tailleferre (1892–1983) came of age in the explosively creative days of 1920s Paris. Well known as the only female member of Les Six, the group of composers which included Darius Milhaud, Louis Durey, Georges Auric, Francis Poulenc and Arthur Honegger, her circle of friends also included Charlie Chaplin, Picasso, Modigliani, Diaghilev, Ravel, Stravinsky and Monteux.

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