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Quartetto di Cremona

Beethoven: Complete String Quartets - Volume 1


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String Quartet in B flat major, Op. 18, No. 6 - Quartetto di Cremona
Puccini on A.Stradivari's Quartetto Paganini
La GOG intervista il Quartetto di Cremona
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Viola Andrea Amati 1574 and violin Nicola Amati 1656
1 Beethoven: Quartetto Op.18 #6/ Allegro Con Brio
2 Beethoven: Quartetto Op.18 #6/Adagio Ma Non Troppo
3 Beethoven: Quartetto Op.18 #6/ Scherzo. Allegro
4 Beethoven: Quartetto Op.18 #6/ La Malinconia
5 Beethoven: Quartetto Fm Op.95/Allegro Con Brio
6 Beethoven:Quartetto FmOp.95/Allegretto Ma Non Trop
7 Beethoven: Quartetto Fm Op.95/Allegro Assai Vivace
8 Beethoven: Quartetto Fm Op.95/ Larghetto
9 Beethoven:Quartetto FMaj.Op.135/ Allegretto
10 Beethoven:Quartetto FMaj.Op.135/ Vivace
11 Beethoven:Quartetto FMaj.Op.135/ Lento Assai E
12 Beethoven:Quartetto FMaj.Op.135/Grave, Ma Non Trop
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During the past ten years the Quartetto di Cremona has matured into a string quartet of international renown, combining the Italian culture of string playing with an awareness of historical performance practice. The first volume of their recording series of the Complete Beethoven String Quartets comprises three distinctive works from Beethoven's early, middle and late periods. With the three works contained in Volume 1, the Quartetto di Cremona covers the most important periods of Beethoven's quartet oeuvre. The final of the six Op. 18 Quartets features a mysteriously programmatic dimension in its last movement, "La Malinconia", whereas Op. 95 from Beethoven's middle period is both highly compact yet dramatically gripping. The disc closes with Beethoven's final Quartet, Op. 135, completed in Vienna one year before his death: it differs from his less easily approachable late works in taking on a conciliatory stance.

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