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The Future Comes Before


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Prequell - Part XIV ft. Rae Morris
1 Part XV
2 Part XIV [feat. Rae Morris]
3 Part XIII
4 Part XII [feat. Claire Laffut]
5 Part XI [feat. Fyfe]
6 Part X
7 Part IX [feat. Shy Girls]
8 Part VII [feat. Cruel Youth]
9 Part VIII
10 Part VI
11 Part V
12 Part IV
13 Part III
14 Part II
15 Part I
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« Can pop music still be reinvented? Is it possible to offer an innovative sound, something we never heard before that is neither electro nor pop or rock? Those were the questions I kept asking myself as I started working on Prequell two years ago. I went back to the roots of my musical inspiration. From my orchestral training and my admiration for the great sound tracks by the likes of John Barry, John Williams to the intense creativity of artists such as Craig Armstrong, Massive Attack and Björk. I therefore started my own musical « Prequell », as I projected myself into the future, beyond those early influences. Nurtured in a fascination for space exploration, I imagined a new form of pop structure in the form of an inter-galactic journey, flying in between classic orchestrations and electronic beats. 15 songs later, the album «The Future Comes before » was born. » Thomas Roussel

Markets include: Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Albuquerque, Fresno, Saint Augustine, Pensacola FL, Barcelona
INTER: Spain, Romania
Online: Zephyr Planet Radio Network, Musicas Imaginadas

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