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Philippe Sly

Schubert Sessions with John Charles Britton


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Philippe Sly video CMIM 2018
1 Schubert: Auf dem Wasser zu singen  
2 Schubert: Alinde, Op. 81 No. 1  
3 Schubert: Du bist die Ruh, Op. 59, No. 3  
4 Schubert: An Sylvia, Op. 106 No. 4  
5 Schubert: Erlkonig, Op. 1  
6 Schubert: An die Musik, Op. 88 No. 4  
7 Schubert: Standchen, D. 957 No. 4  
8 Schubert: Wohin, Op. 25 No. 2  
9 Schubert: Der Muller und der Bach  
10 Schubert: Der Leiermann, Op. 89 No. 24  
11 Schubert: Der Doppelganger  
12 Schubert: Der Lindenbaum, Op. 89 No. 5  
13 Schubert: Der Jungling an der Quelle  
14 Schubert: Du liebst mich nicht  
15 Schubert: Des Fischers Liebesglück  
16 Schubert: Der Tod und das Madchen  
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Shy personality, modest genius of all, Franz Peter Schubert is distinguished by this; he has never held formal musical function. Living frugally, surrounded by friends from the artistic and literary circles, Schubert was the focus of artistic events organized periodically and known as the Schubertiade. These meetings were an opportunity for him to hear his most recent compositions, including the songs included in the foreground. Many of these - he composed more than 600 - are likely to have taken shape on guitar; 

Classical 24, CBC
Direct: MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Wash DC, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Portland, Pittsburgh, Canada, 
Online: AccuRadio 

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