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Peter Kogan

Some Monsterful Wonderthing

Koganote Records

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Lo Mo Mo Mojo Jump
1 SOS Samba
2 LOMoMO Mojo Jump
3 Some Monsterful Wonderthing
4 Nola Joe
5 Gospel Tune
6 McKinley Morganfield's Forever
7 Live to Learn and Love Another Day
8 Question Monk
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The genesis of Peter Kogan's Some Monsterful Wonderthing was, of all things, the frustrating 2012 lockout of the Minnestota Orchestra. This was Kogan's day gig, and although the timpanist had high hopes for a reasonably quick settlement, he also took this golden opportunity to record his first studio album as leader – Cornucopia - released in 2013.  As the orchestra stalemate dragged into its 16th month, Kogan began thinking about a follow up disc which would utilize a septet, some new tunes that reflected on the labor struggle he was involved in, and the strong community support that the orchestra musicians received.  Some musical ideas were completely new, and others were fresh takes on older material from Kogan's New York City days. This became Some Monsterful Wonderthing and was finished six months after the orchestra lockout ended.

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