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Peter Gregson


Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date: November 11, 2022

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Peter Gregson on recording ‘Quartets: Three’
1 Quartets 3_I. Even  
2 Quartets 3_II. Up  
3 Quartets 3_III. Sequence (Eight)  
4 Quartets 3_ IV. Cantus  
5 Quartets 3_ V. Murmuration  
6 Quartets 3_ VI. ...from a memory  
7 Quartets 4_ I. Three Parallels 1  
8 Quartets 4_ II. Three Parallels 2  
9 Quartets 4_ II. Three Parallels 3  
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Peter Gregson, renowned composer, cellist and Deutsche Grammophon recording artist, is set to present his sixth studio album, Quartets: Three and Four. The album is a follow-up from his 2016/2017 EPs Quartets: One and Quartets: Two, completing the conceptual cycle the composer set out for himself of creating a “quartet of quartets”.

The first two EPs, recorded at AIR Studios in London, saw the composer move from an entirely acoustic body of work in Quartets: One, to adding synthesisers as an extra instrumental layer on Quartets: Two. The new album, which encompasses the final two quartets, sees Gregson take his ideas on sound and recording further with the first half of the album - Quartets: Three -  ingraining even more electronic effects to create rich sonic textures, and the latter half - Quartets: Four - returning to an all-acoustic set-up and his original classical soundworld. The album’s first single released on September 23rd, Sequence (Eight) from Quartets: Three, is a wistful piece that illustrates Gregson’s mastery in using electronic effects that enhance the cello yet feel so natural that they are almost imperceptible. Quartets: Three and Four were recorded at Paul Epworth’s The Church Studio and Abbey Road Studio 3 respectively. The album will be released on the 11th of November 2022 digitally, together with the release of a deluxe album containing all four quartets on CD and vinyl.

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