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Peter Calandra

Ashokan Memories

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Ashokan Memories
Four Winds by Peter Calandra (using Synthogy Ivory II American D Piano)
1 Awosting Morning
2 Ramblin' Nightime
3 Frost Valley
4 Overlook
5 Bonticou Crag
6 Peekamoose
7 Ashokan Memories
8 Mettacohonts Flowing
9 Tubin' the Esopus
10 Gertrude's Nose
11 Woodland Valley
12 Minnewaska
13 Ver Noy Falls
14 The Ice Caves
15 Shaft 2a
16 Stone Ridge
17 Karma Road
18 Buttermilk Falls
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On Peter Calandra's latest CD: Ashokan Memoriesthe composer weaves a variety of textures to create a shared sense of wonder the Catskill and Shawangunk mountains of New York State. 

"Ashokan Memories was inspired by the Ashokan Reservoir, The Catskill & Shawangunks mountains and other beautiful places in Ulster County, NY. It's a spiritual place and if you spend some quiet time there you can feel it.  Please take a listen to these personal and special compositions."

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Markets include: New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Berkeley CA, El Paso, Canada
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