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1 Dewey Miles  
2 The Frenchman  
3 Jenn 2 Sect 1  
4 Jimmy 1a  
5 Von Schkinny  
6 Session 15  
7 Tribute To Lorraine  
8 CW  
9 Carl Session 2  
10 A Nod To Her Majesty  
11 Prince Open  
12 Fast Jenn  
13 Black Socks  
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On the opening strains of "Dewey Miles," the mysterious lead-off track from Pear's extemp'ore, the voice of Miles Davis intones (in that oft-imitated gruff demeanor): "Don't play what you know, play what you hear." Later in that groove-heavy piece, Miles declares: "I don't want to be labeled anything. I'm a musician." Those two mantras serve as sage-like guidance for the duo of pianist Nick Pierone and percussionist Rick Milne on their auspicious debut. Given license to paint vivid colors on a blank canvas, this could be a soundtrack to a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting. Pear dives headlong into a pool of provocative sound where the freedom principle prevails and the results are wide-ranging and genre-defying. Drawing on a wealth of musical influences, the audacious duo has concocted a striking pastiche where Miles and Cecil Taylor sit comfortably beside Brian Eno, Digable Planets, Medeski, Martin & Wood, the Bad Plus and Jaco Pastorius, with touches of minimalism, lyricism and spoken word experimentalism thrown into the subversive mix.

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