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Pauline Frechette

Colors of My Heart

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Pauline Frechette - Sizzle Reel
Raven Kane - Pauline Frechette, Mirit Hendrickson,
Pauline Frechette Performance in Los Angeles, April 2018
1 Follow My Heart
2 Love In The Afternoon (ft. Stanley Clarke)
3 Always Lovers
4 Song For Michael
5 La Boheme Des Premiers Jours
6 A Quiet Walk In The Snow
7 Come Away With Me
8 Follow My Heart (ft. Stewart Cole)
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Pauline Frechette is not just a singer/composer/lyricist. She is first and foremost a communicator - an entertainer with the humor and intensity of Jaques Brel, the musicality of Ravel and the spontaneity and theatricality of Bette Midler. And if bringing those diverse elements together seems an impossibility - or at least an improbability - well, once you understand the diversity of Pauline's background, you can then understand that it's not only possible for her to deliver the above magic, it is impossible for her not to deliver it. "Colors of My Heart" is a collection of songs rendered with truth and purity from the most vulnerable depths of the composer's heart.

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