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Paul Nash

Jazz Cycles

MNM Records

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'Passaglia' - Jazz Cycles CD Release Event
'Night Flight (Reprise)' - Jazz Cycles CD Release Event


1 Passaglia  
2 Night Flight  
3 Desire  
4 Wind Over The Lake  
5 Interlude 1  
6 Strange Rife  
7 Outside In  
8 Ballad for T  
9 Interlude 2  
10 Interlude 3  
11 It's Only A Dream  
12 Tamalpais Night  
13 Starlit Skylight  
14 Night Flight (Reprise)  
15 Epilogue  
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Paul Nash was a gifted jazz composer with an original voice. When Paul lost his battle with brain cancer in 2005, the world lost a visionary with a unique harmonic sense and a passion for infectious, driving rhythms. The recordings on this CD are the last Paul produced with his ensemble, the Manhattan New Music Project, but the material in this set has been developed over many years. These pieces have a richness which makes them worth playing and hearing many times over. Paul's compositions were orchestrated with compelling accompaniments and background figures that inspired his soloists to greater heights. Additionally, Paul included beautifully scored ensemble passages utilizing the wide variety of instrumental colors available in his ensemble. Written from materials collected over the course of 30 years and completed in the last year of his life, Jazz Cycles is a kind of suite where each track may be heard as a movement in a larger artistic structure.

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GPB: Jazz Without Borders
Markets include: Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego, Cleveland, Portland, San Mateo( SF, ADI), Detroit(ADI), Albuquerque, Tucson, Orlando, Raleigh NC, Toledo OH, Omaha NE
INT: Canada, Australia, The Netherlands

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