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Paul McCartney Ecce Cor Meum
Paul McCartney Ecce Cor Meum, Part 2
Paul McCartney Talking About Classical Music and Composing
1 Spiritus  
2 Gratia  
3 Lament  
4 Musica  
5 Ecce Cor Meum  
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Paul McCartney releases: Ecce Cor Meum on EMI Classics. His 4th classical album since 'The Liverpool Oratorio,' Ecce Cor Meum, also an Oratorio in 4 movements, has been more than 8 years in the making, and its origins follow in the tradition of composers that have written music for the world-renowned Magdalen College Oxford. Paul McCartney's hope was for 'a choral piece which could be sung by young people the world over in the same way that Handel's Messiah is.

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