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Paul Edward-Francis

Blood of Zeus-Music From The Netflix Anime Series

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks

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1 One of Those Tales  
2 Heron Vs the Demon  
3 The Titans  
4 A Peasants Way of Life  
5 A Call to Arms  
6 A King's Despair  
7 Heron's Journey  
8 Past Is Prologue  
9 Hera's Vengeance  
10 Convert or Die  
11 The Son of Zeus  
12 Electra's Death  
13 Seraphim's Theme  
14 Herme's Run  
15 Seraphim's Story  
16 Escape or Die  
17 Mount Pelion  
18 Alexia and Chiron  
19 Seraphim's Quest  
20 Escape  
21 The Power of Zeus  
22 Flight to Olympus  
23 Training a Demigod  
24 Seraphim's Rage  
25 Seraphim's Revenge  
26 Journey to the Deep  
27 Apollo Vs Ares  
28 Talos  
29 Preparing for Battle  
30 War for Olympus  
31 Zeus and Hera's Theme  
32 Gods and Heroes  
33 A Proud Father  
34 Blood of Zeus End Credits  
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Milan Records today releases BLOOD OF ZEUS (MUSIC FROM THE NETFLIX ANIME SERIES) by composer Paul Edward-Francis.  Available everywhere now, the album features score music written by Edward-Francis for Netflix's hugely-popular original anime series set in the world of Greek gods and goddesses.  Produced by Powerhouse Animation Studios, the first season of Blood of Zeus is available to stream in its entirety on Netflix now.

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