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Patrice Michaels | Kuang-Hao Huang

Notorious RBG In Song

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Cedille's Dan Hickey interviews soprano and composer Patrice Michaels
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Song (Notorious RBG)
1 The Long View: A Portrait - Prologue: Foresight  
2 II. Celia: An Imagined Letter from 1949  
3 III. Advice from Morris  
4 IV. On Working Together  
5 V. Anita's Story  
6 VI. New York, 1961  
7 VII. The Elevator Thief  
8 VIII. Dissenter of de Universe: Five Opinions and a Comment  
9 IX. Epilogue: The Long View, Questions Answered  
10 Lori Laitman: Wider than the Sky  
11 Vivian Fung: Pot Roast a La RBG  
12 Stacy Garrop: My Dearest Ruth  
13 Derrick Wang: You Are Searching in Vain for a Bright-Line Solution, from Scalia/Ginsburg  
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Notorious RBG in Song, available June 8, 2018, features works by five contemporary American composers celebrating Justice Ginsburg's family and professional life. These include Michaels' THE LONG VIEW: A Portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Nine Songs; Lori Laitman's "Wider than the Sky"; Vivian Fung's "Pot Roast à La RBG"; Stacy Garrop's "My Dearest Ruth"; and Derrick Wang's "You Are Searching in Vain for a Bright-Line Solution." All but two of the songs - "Anita's Story," now incorporated into Michaels' song cycle, and "Wider than the Sky" - are world-premiere recordings (Cedille Records CDR 90000 178).

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