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Partch is a Grammy-winning ensemble specializing in the music and instruments of the iconoclastic American Maverick composer Harry Partch, who, between 1930 and 1972, created one of the most amazing bodies of sensually alluring and emotionally powerful music of the 20th century. Partch wrote music dramas, dance theater, multi-media extravaganzas, vocal music and chamber music-all to be performed on the extraordinary orchestra of instruments that he designed and built himself. The Partch ensemble is one of only three groups worldwide dedicated to the study and reconstruction of Partch's "Instrumentarium."

Formed as Just Strings in 1991 to perform the music of Lou Harrison and Harry Partch, the group has gone on to commission and premiere works by Larry Polansky, Mamoru Fujieda, John Luther Adams, Mari Takano, Sasha Bogdonawitsch and others. In 1995 they toured Japan under the auspices of the American Embassy's prestigious Interlink Festival, giving three weeks of concerts and lectures on new music. In 2005, with the completion of their twelfth Partch instrument, the group began performing under the name Partch. They have performed for Chamber Music in Historic Sites, the LA County Museum of Art, UCLA's Partch Centennial Celebration, Sacramento's Festival of New American Music, Minnesota Public Radio's American Mavericks, the Songlines series at Mills College, and the Gordon Getty Concerts at the Getty Center. In 2004, they made their Disney Hall debut premiering Harry Partch's Bitter Music, and have returned every year since.

Partch is the resident ensemble of MicroFest, Los Angeles' yearly festival of microtonal music. Their 2006 performance of Castor & Pollux, choreographed by Liz Hoefner, was released on the DVD Enclosure 8: Harry Partch (Innova Records). Partch has been the recipient of grants from the NEA and the Copland Fund for Music to record Partch's monumental Bitter Music for Bridge Records. In 2012 Partch was featured by the San Francisco Symphony's American Mavericks Festival. In 2015, Partch's album Plectra & Percussion Dances won a Grammy Award. 

The Instruments: Adapted Viola (1930)  •  Adapted Guitar I (1935)  •  Kithara (1938)  • Chromelodeon (1941)  •  Adapted Guitar II (1945)  • Harmonic Canons (1945)  Diamond Marimba (1946)    •    Adapted Guitar III (1950)   •   Bass Marimba (1950)  • Cloud Chamber Bowls (1950)    •   HypoBass (1950)  •  Marimba Eroica (1951)•  Surrogate Kithara (1953)  •  Spoils of War (1955)  •  Boo (1955)

1 Ulysses at the Edge of the World - A Minor Adventure in Rhythm  
2 Twelve Intrusions - Study #1 on Olympus' Pentatonic  
3 Study #2 on Archytas' Enharmonic  
4 The Rose  
5 The Crane  
6 The Waterfall  
7 The Wind  
8 The Street  
9 The Letter  
10 Lover  
11 Soldiers War Another War  
12 Vanity  
13 Cloud Chamber Music  
14 Windsong  
15 Sonata Dementia  
16 Cancion de Los Muchachos  
17 Barstow: Eight Hitchhikers'  
Daphne of the Dunes - PARTCH Ensemble with casebolt and smith
The @Percussion Podcast ep 188 with Partch LA members T J Troy, Erin Barnes, and Nick Terry

The Grammy Award-winning PARTCH Ensemble, hailed as "funny, moving, inventive and insanely theatrical" by the San Francisco Chronicle, announced the release of Sonata Dementia, their third volume of music by American maverick composer Harry Partch (Bridge Records 9525).   Sonata Dementia follows on the success of the ensemble's Vol. 1: Bitter Music: Harry Partch's Depression Journal (Bridge 9349A/C); which earned a GRAMMY Award nomination in 2012 for Best Classical Compendium, and Vol. 2: Plectra & Percussion Dances (Bridge 9432), the 2014 GRAMMY Award winner for Best Classical Compendium, which was also nominated for Best Chamber Music Performance. Early reviews recognize Partch as "truly one of a kind, and the group PARTCH does a wonderful job of capturing both the letter and the spirit of his music." 

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