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Paris Combo

Tako Tsubo


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PARIS COMBO - Tako Tsubo - Teaser
PARIS COMBO // JE SUIS PARTIE (version non-officielle)
PARIS COMBO //Tako Tsubo // Clip Officiel
Paris Combo - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
Paris Combo - Interview
PARIS COMBO // PROFIL[S] - Episode 2
PARIS COMBO // PROFIL[S] // Fran?ois Jeannin // Episode 3
PARIS COMBO la Festivalul PLAI 2018
1 Bonne Nouvelle
2 Je Suis Partie
3 Tako Tsubo
4 Anemiques Maracas
5 Profil
6 Notre Vie Comme Un Western
7 Id D'heidi
8 Specimen
9 Mon Anatomie Cherche Un Ami
10 Vaille Que Vaille
11 Cuir Interieur
12 Orageuse
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"Tako Tsubo", the lounge-tinged title track of Paris Combo's new album, is inspired by a rare condition known also as the "broken-heart syndrome" - thank goodness Paris Combo have the cure! On their new record, the chanteuse Belle du Berry leads us through a deliciously varied collection of musical atmospheres, ranging from the intimacy of the live combo to more lush orchestral settings and beautiful 60's retro à la Bacharach with near-psychedelic overtones.

15 NEW  91 TOTAL
UnderCurrents, All Jazz Radio
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Denver, Albuquerque, Hartford CT, Long Island NY, Boulder CO, Madison WI, WV(Statewide), Vancouver
INTER: Canada, Italy, Slovakia, South Africa, Australia
Online: Lucid Culture, Radio Valencia,, Green Arrow Radio, Quisqueya, beat, animejazz, Beat, ArtsHub, New Model Radio, Jazz Weekly                 

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