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Pablo Marquez

Gustavo Leguizamon - El Cuchi bien temperado


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Cuchi Leguizamon: El silbador. Pablo Marquez, guitarra
1 Coplas des Tata Dios
2 Zamba del carnaval
3 La cantora de Yala
4 Chacarera del expediente
5 Chaya de la albahaca
6 Zamba de Lozano
7 El silbador
8 De solo estar
9 Chacarera del holgado
10 Carnavalito del Duende
11 Zamba para la Viuda
12 Zamba soltera
13 Corazonando
14 Zamba del panuelo
15 Chilena del solteron
16 Maturana
17 Cancion del que no hace nada
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Guitarist Pablo Márquez celebrates the work of a remarkable figure in Argentinean music: Gustavo "Cuchi" Leguizamón. Leguizamón (1917-2000) was a composer, pianist, guitarist, poet - and also a lawyer and teacher in the city of Salta where Marquez grew up.  It was in his teaching capacity that Márquez first encountered him in person: "He was my history teacher at the Collegio Nacional when I was thirteen years old. When I saw Dr. Gustavo Leguizamón come into the classroom for the first time, I had no idea that I was in the presence of one of one of Argentina's greatest musicians, the composer of famous zambas I'd known and sung since early childhood. Cuchi liked to say that ‘the ultimate accolade for an artist is that people think his work is anonymous.'"

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