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OSM Chamber Soloists

Beethoven, Strauss


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1 Beethoven: Septet in E-Flat major, Op. 20 / Adagio. Allegro con brio
2 Adagio cantabile
3 Tempo di menuetto
4 Tema con variazioni: Andante
5 Scherzo: Allegro molto e vivace
6 Andante con molto alla marcia - Presto
7 Richard Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel einmal anders!
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Under the artistic direction of Andrew Wan, principal violist of the OSM, this album highlights the great musical qualities of the musicians of the OSM in reduced formation: Andrew Wan on violin, Neal Gripp on viola, Brian Manker on cello, Ali Yazdanfar on bass, Todd Cope on clarinet, Stéphane Lévesque on bassoon and John Zirbel on horn.

The Septuor in E flat major, op. 20, by Ludwig van Beethoven and Till Eulenspiegel einmal anders !, arrangement by Franz Hasenöhrl of the symphonic poem Till Eulenspiegel, op. 28, by Richard Strauss allows us to appreciate the mix of timbres of three important orchestral groups of the orchestra: strings, woodwinds and brass. After the Septuor, where the musical texture remains finely chiseled thanks to the variety of timbres, we marvel at Hasenöhrl's ingeniousness to suggest an entire orchestra with only five instruments. Together, these two works constitute a program where predominates a certain lightness - embellished with a touch of humor.

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