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Orchestre Symphonique De Montreal - Kent Nagano: Bio

Orchestre Symphonique De Montreal

Founded in 1934 by a group of devoted music lovers, with the backing of the Quebec Government, the Orchestre symphonique de Montreal is one of the major cultural organizations of the city whose name it bears with pride.

The music directors who have contributed to its growth and success are Wilfrid Pelletier, a Montrealer by birth and conductor at the Metropolitan Opera in New York who became the first Artistic Director of the OSM; Desire Defauw; Igor Markevitch; Zubin Mehta, who guided the OSM from 1961 to 1967, bringing increased prestige to the Orchestra since under his direction the OSM began its touring career in Europe; Franz-Paul Decker; Rafael Fr?hbeck de Burgos; Charles Dutoit, from 1977 to 2002, with whom the OSM assumed an important place on the international stage; and, since September 2006, Kent Nagano.

The Orchestra has toured in Asia seven times, visiting Japan on six of those, and has toured Europe on nine occasions and South America twice. The OSM has also performed at the Hollywood Bowl, as well as the Ravinia and Tanglewood festivals. Moreover, since 1982 the Orchestra has been an almost annual visitor to Carnegie Hall, where it plays to packed houses.

In 2006 the OSM offered a concert at the Paris Theatre du Chatelet, its first international concert with Kent Nagano. In April 2007 the Orchestra completed its first coast-to-coast Canadian tour, placed under the direction of Kent Nagano. They made their Carnegie Hall debut in March of 2008, and will embark on a multi-city tour of Japan and South Korea this coming April.

The OSM has produced 95 recordings, earning 47 national and international awards, including two Grammys.

Orchestre Symphonique De Montreal - Kent Nagano

Bernstein_A Quiet Place

Decca Classics

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1 ACT I - Prologue: The path of truth is plain and safe  
2 ACT I - Dialogue One: I am sorry, ma'am  
3 ACT I - Dialogue Two: She wasn't exactly what you would call a beautiful woman  
4 ACT I - Dialogue Three: Dede! Darling, how've you been? Arietta: Fantastic, great!  
5 ACT I - Dialogue Four: You're so like her  
6 ACT I - Dialogue Five: Uh, Susie, this is... - You must be Francois  
7 ACT I - Dialogue Six: Oh, Francois, come  
8 ACT I - Dialogue Seven: Welcome to the family  
9 ACT I - Dialogue Eight: Say, who's that character  
10 ACT I - Dialogue Nine: Dede, where's your brother?  
11 ACT I - Readings: Who can find a virtuous woman? Chorale: God has his ways  
12 ACT I - Aria: 'You're Late'  
13 ACT I - Trio: Dear Daddy... - Daddy dear  
14 ACT I - Finale: Merry Christmas to you too, asshole  
15 ACT I - Postlude  
16 ACT II - Aria: 'I Wish I Could Sleep'  
17 ACT II - What are you doing?  
18 ACT II - But first I'd like to sing you a little song  
19 ACT II - I coming closer  
20 ACT II - Aria: 'I've Been Afraid'  
21 ACT III - Prelude  
22 ACT III - Aria (Dede): Morning  
23 ACT III - Scene: The one and only cereal  
24 ACT III - Tag #1: Ha! - Absence makes the heart grow fonder!  
25 ACT III - Tag #2: Watch it! - Watch out!  
26 ACT III - Aria: 'Oh, Francois, Please'  
27 ACT III - Aria (Francois): 'Dear Loved Ones...'  
28 ACT III - Scene: I like it here!  
29 ACT III - Aria (Francois): 'Stop. You Will Not Take Another Step!'  
30 ACT III - Aria (Junior): 'You See, Daddy, That Death Does Bring Some Relief' Finale  
Kent Nagano & the Orchestre symphonique de Montreal: European tour 2014
OSM conductor Kent Nagano: pleasure in a profession
Kent Nagano of the Montreal Symphone Orchestra -

Kent Nagano, who studied with Leonard Bernstein for six years until his death in 1990, and the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal release the world premiere recording of the chamber version of Bernstein's opera A Quiet Place. Adapted by the senior music editor at the Bernstein Office, Garth Edwin Sunderland, A Quiet Place features an outstanding international cast of young singers headed by Claudia Boyle and Joseph Kaiser.