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Olivia Belli

Sonus Noctis

Sony - XXIM Records
Release Date: December 9, 2022

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1 Berceuse  
2 Nocturne III  
3 Nocturne IV  
4 Valse  
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Italian pianist and composer, Olivia Belli has made her mark in recent years with her delicate, melodic compositions that draw inspiration from the natural world.  Her meticulous observations of her beloved Italian landscapes gave this sensitive artist the creative impulse to capture them in music to share with her listeners.  Her new EP, ‘Sonus Noctis’, continues Belli’s exploration of the theme of the night, begun in her earlier recording ‘Somnio Novo’. With the difference that whereas that recording was dedicated to the glow of the night, here Belli focuses on the sound of the night, in works inspired by the music of Chopin, to whom Belli refers as “...the poet of the night par excellence...”

‘Sonus Noctis’ is comprised of four tracks: the minature ‘Valse’ composed in waltz time; ‘Berceuse’, which has a suspenseful character, inspired by the slow tempo of Chopin’s B minor Sonata; the melancholic ‘Nocturne III’, which references Chopin’s Nocturne, Op. 15 No. 3 and the mysterious and enigmatic ‘Nocturne IV’, influenced by Chopin’s Nocturne  Op. 27 No. 1.

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