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The POINT LESS podcast with Ola Onabule: Exit Wound

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The POINT LESS podcast with Ola Onabule: Exit Wound

After a tragic loss, a parent is inundated with words of condolences and must ponder the real value and meaning of these words. Are they meant in all sincerity or are they just platitudes? Are these words spoken merely to salve the conscience of the well-wisher. In situations where the tragedy is avoidable, Can the energy expended in composing theses elaborately worded but useless phrases be put into preventing the sad event in the first place. Do words have any meaning if they are un-yoked from deeds and action.

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The POINT LESS podcast is a series that boldly expresses views on social injustice. It is an activist's call - at once a celebration of life and a cautionary take on the social forces that threaten it. Violence, immigration, xenophobia, betrayal, and dignity are themes considered and rendered with a powerful and knowing generosity of spirit.So embodies the artistic - and entrepreneurial - philosophy of Onabulé, whose latest album release, Point Less, is a giant leap forward and deeply soulful Rueful yet optimistic, Onabulé's reach is global. His three-and-a-half octave baritone and the powerful emotions he conveys with it connects with audiences around the world. "Hands-on, self-sufficiency has always been my mantra for survival in the music game," says the songwriter.

Produced & Narrated by Max Horowitz - Crossover Media

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