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Ola Onabule

It's The Peace That Deafens

Dot Time

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Official Music Video
Love Again
Dark Matter
Invincible - Neumann Digital
The SWR Big Band - Jankoriko
Siena Jazz Interview with Francesco Martinelli
The Neumann KMS Stage Microphones
'Spain' with the SWR Big Band - Mittelrhein Musik Festival
Interview with David Llewelyn
Writing The Album
The Power Of Song
Album Trailer
Patience Endures - Live Series 5
1 Dark Matter
2 The Girl That She Was
3 Jankoriko
4 Love Again
5 Patience Endures
6 Herbs for Your Heartache
7 It's the Peace That Deafens
8 The Voodoo
9 Invincible
10 In Your Shoes
11 Orunmila
12 In The End
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Ola Onabulé's album; "It's The Peace That Deafens" marks a departure from his previous two releases featuring a largely acoustic set, uniting Jazz, Soul and world influences. The Album contains 12 evocative songs about identity, reconciliation and nostalgia. Words, melodies and rhythms that walk a delicate tightrope of paradoxes, born of a childhood and adulthood immersed in two disparate cultures, on two different continents and at two different times.  "It's The Peace That Deafens" is as much a work of exploration as it is a declaration.  

Ola states; "Hands-on, self-sufficiency has always been my mantra for survival in the music game. I always felt like the creative parts of song writing, producing and recording were merely different stages of a single process". 

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