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The CSUN Soraya stage is set for live broadcast with artist-in-residence; Niv Ashkenazi

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In the past two weeks, our world has changed at a breakneck pace. At the same time, it has crawled from one day to the other without distinction. From the comfort of my home with my trusty dog Charley at my side, it seems as if I'm living a perfect Sunday afternoon, over and over again. I'm sure you know the feeling. But the reality is quite different. From my dining room table, I have been communicating with colleagues and artists near and far. Together we are doing our best to keep our organizations afloat as well as support the arts field at large. The best moments are enjoying online performances from my front row sofa seat. With that in mind, I offer you my suggestions. After all, if I can't bring you live performances, then I can offer my assistance in recommending a few online concerts. Every Friday while we're "Safer at Home," I'll offer my Director Selects. Read my notes too (because I might reveal a secret or two about next season).

We're presenting a live online broadcast from The Soraya's stage on Friday, April 17 at 4 pm. The concert will feature Artist-in-Residence violinist Niv Ashkenazi, who had just released his new CD (copies available on Amazon.com) just before the cancellation of Violins of Hope. The CD, as well as this concert, are performed on one of the instruments from the Violins of Hope collection. For this concert, Niv has prepared a 30-minute excerpt from his CD, and I will interview him prior to his performance. For this concert, we're compliant with all social distancing measures, working from different locations. Two staff members will come to the theater prior to Niv to set-up equipment. Put this on your calendar. It's historic – in the midst of this crisis, we experience music from a violin that witnessed the last great global crisis, the Holocaust. Detailed instructions about how to join this live event will be coming soon, and will also be available at www.TheSoraya.org.