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Nils Okland, Sigbjorn Apeland


Release Date: June 16, 2023

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1 Skynd deg, skynd deg  
2 Grat ikke sote pike  
3 Valevag  
4 O du min Immanuel  
5 Glimmer  
6 Hvor er det godt a lande  
7 O, venner  
8 Se solens skjonne lys og prakt  
9 Reven sete pa setet  
10 Myr  
11 Malurt  
12 Dempar  
13 Rullestadjuvet  
14 O du min Immanuel  
15 Nu solen gar ned  
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Violinist Nils Økland and keyboardist Sigbjørn Apeland, musical partners for thirty years, have long explored the interface of Norwegian traditional music and improvisation. Glimmer, an exceptionally beautiful and touching album, takes as its starting point Norwegian folk music. Apeland’s collection of pieces from local singers who have helped to keep the traditions alive forms the basis of the repertoire here, along with original compositions. Throughout, the combination of Økland’s Hardanger fiddle and Apeland’s harmonium is marvellously evocative.

Glimmer is the sixth ECM album to feature the violin and Hardanger fiddle of Nils Økland. His discography for the label ranges from the solo album Mononograph to ambient alternative rock with the Lumen Drones group, and albums with the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble (Sofienberg Variations and A Year from Easter). His 2011 release, Lysøen – Hommage à Ole Bull was a widely-acclaimed collaboration with Sigbjørn Apeland, who also made significant contributions to the music of the Nils Økland Band on Kjølvatn (2015).

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