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Nigel Kennedy

Four Elements

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Nigel Kennedy - Proms 2013 - Excerpt Vivaldi Four Seasons
Nigel Kennedy and Orchestra of Life in Concert - Nuremberg 2011
Interview with Nigel Kennedy (violin)
1 Overture  
2 Air  
3 Earth  
4 Fire  
5 Water  
6 Finale  
7 Encore  
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Written entirely for violin, orchestra, band and voices and inspired by the elements air, earth, fire and water, Nigel Kennedy's Four Elements takes the listener on a multi-genre musical journey of exhilaration, contemplation and celebration. This work is a suite of pieces which Nigel originally conceived as his own 21st-century response to Vivaldi's baroque masterpiece in the sense of creating programmatic, pictorial music based on an underlying theme. A notable new ingredient in the mix is the electronic drum programming by Damon Reece, who has worked with Massive Attack and Goldfrapp. Singers featured on the album include Zee Gachette and Xanton Blaq, a former member of Amy Winehouse's band.


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