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Nicolas Snyder


Milan Records - Sony Masterworks
Release Date: March 22, 2024

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1 Scavengers Reign Theme  
2 Hollow  
3 Mia Storm Pillar Suite  
4 Sam and Ursula Suite  
5 The Receiver (feat. Zineb Fikri)  
6 Kamen’s Folly  
7 Levi’s Dream  
8 Routine Maintenance  
9 Sam Plays, Sam Builds  
10 Finding Sam  
11 The Demeter Suite  
12 Ripped Apart  
13 River of Levi (feat. Rowan Katz)  
14 The Woman (feat. Odeya Nini)  
15 This Place (feat. Rowan Katz)  
16 Levi  
17 Vesta  
18 Scavengers  
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Milan Records today releases SCAVENGERS REIGN (ORIGINAL MAX SERIES SOUNDTRACK) by composer NICOLAS SNYDER. Available everywhere now, the album features music written by Snyder for the first season of Max’s original sci-fi anime series. Taking place on the fictional planet of Vesta, Scavengers Reign required a sonic palette befitting its out-of-this-world setting. With sweeping orchestral melodies, regal piano themes, cerebral synthwork and moving vocal features, Snyder’s expansive 18-track collection pays homage to classic sci-fi scores while also providing an inimitable soundscape tailored to the series’ otherworldly setting. Lauded by the New York Times as, “a lush, magnificent, hypnotic story of human survival,” the critically acclaimed first season of Scavengers Reign is available now to stream in its entirety on Max.

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