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Nicholas Britell

Carmen OMPS

Sony Masterworks
Release Date: April 21, 2023

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Paul Mescal - Slip Away
1 Overture - La Vie Errante  
2 L'Oiseau s'envole  
3 Aidan - L'Amour est loin  
4 Slip Away (Paul Mescal)  
5 At the Mine - Il est là!  
6 Lullaby (Melissa Barrera)  
7 Attack - Si tu m'aimais, tu me suivrais  
8 Investigation - Regardons passer les gens  
9 The Motel - Je veux dire ton nom  
10 On the Run - Songe bien  
11 Oasis - Quand je vous aimerai  
12 Réponds-nous (Nicholas Britell, Tim Fain)  
13 After the Dance - Le Ciel Même  
14 To Los Angeles  
15 Arrival - Ta Promesse  
16 Ven a Mí (Nicholas Britell, Rossy de Palma, Tim Fain)  
17 Pour pays l'univers  
18 Calling Home - Le Destin  
19 Rooftops  
20 Masilda and Carmen  
21 The Beach - Tout Mon Etre  
22 Tú y Yo (Melissa Barrera)  
23 Cello Impromptu in F Minor  
24 Waltz Tango  
25 Jamais Carmen ne cèdera  
26 Je l'aime  
27 The Police - C'est l'Espada  
28 Lullaby / Beyond - Vive La Musique  
29 Rebelle - Bonus Track  
30 Pelea (The D.O.C.)  
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Sony Music Masterworks today releases CARMEN (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK), an album of music from the Sony Pictures Classics film by three-time Academy Award nominated, Grammy nominated, and Emmy winning composer, pianist and producer NICHOLAS BRITELL. Available everywhere now, the album includes an original score by Britell as well as original songs co-written by Academy Award nominated Taura Stinson, legendary rapper and songwriter The D.O.C., and Grammy-winning singer songwriter Julieta Venegas and performed in the film by leads Melissa Barrera, Paul Mescal and Rossy de Palma, as well as Tracy “The D.O.C.” Curry himself.

The album is the result of six years Britell spent in close collaboration with director Benjamin Millepied on the film for which Britell also serves as an executive producer. The final 30-track collection is a body of music as expansive as the film itself, one that soars with majesty and intensity and leads listeners on an unforgettable journey. Millepied’s complete re-imagining of CARMEN tells its story through an experimental dreamscape of a film and is an experience to behold.

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