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Nell Robinson | Jim Nunally

House & Garden

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Life In The Garden, Music Video
Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally - 'The Gardener,' Live at KRCB
'Complicated' - Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally w/Craig Eastman at Red Rocks
1 Life In The Garden
2 Old Old House
3 The Gardener
4 Happy To Go
5 My Blue Tear
6 My Soul
7 Southwind
8 April Fool
9 Loose Talk
10 Complicated
11 Pen in Hand
12 House
13 Home's Where I Long To Be
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House & Garden was inspired by our love of natural life, of our gardens and the central place they play in our home-lives, our friendships and relationships. Jim and I were working one day, it was a beautiful spring day, and Jim said he'd started a song while thinking about the strawberry plants he has in his garden. His mother gave him the cuttings planted by his father, and though he passed on many years ago, his memory is kept alive in the garden. What a beautiful gift to reflect on your loved ones as you tend your flowers! We wrote the rest of the lyrics with specific flowers in mind and what they represent (love, faith, comfort).
Nell Robinson

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