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Nadia Shpachenko

The Poetry of Places

Reference Recordings

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Trailer by Nadia Shpachenko
ListN Up - Nadia Shpachenko
1 Andrew Norman Frank's House for two pianists and two percussionists 09:25  
2 Harold Meltzer In Full Sail for solo piano 07:49  
3 Jack Van Zandt Si an Bhru for piano and electronics 11:52  
4 Hannah Lash Give Me Your Songs for solo piano 7:09  
5 Amy Beth Kirsten h.o.p.e. for piano, toy piano, and voice 6:12  
6 James Matheson Alone, in waters shimmering and dark for solo piano / Island 3:52  
7 James Matheson Alone, in waters shimmering and dark for solo piano / Capillary Waves 2:14  
8 James Matheson Alone, in waters shimmering and dark for solo piano / To Sky 2:52  
9 Lewis Spratlan Bangladesh for solo piano 15:01  
10 Nina C. Young Kolokol for two pianos and electronics 11:06  
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Nadia Shpachenko's latest Reference Recordings release The Poetry of Places features World Premiere recordings of works for solo piano, for two pianos, percussion, electronics, voice, and toy piano in a fascinating mélange inspired by great architecture and places. The eight compositions monumentalize places as wildly diverse as the Copland House in Cortlandt, NY, The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Louis Kahn's National Assembly Buildings in Bangladesh, Newgrange Ancient Temple in Ireland, and Frank Gehry's House in Santa Monica, CA. Included is a significant new work from Andrew Norman, Frank's House, for two pianos and percussion, and another large work from Nina C. Young, Kolokol, for two pianos and electronics (a ‘fantasy' inspired by Russian Orthodox Church Bells), recorded with Los Angeles Philharmonic pianist Joanne Pearce Martin and Los Angeles Percussion Quartet artists Nick Terry and Cory Hills. Additionally, six solo works were written specifically for this project by Amy Beth Kirsten, Hannah Lash, James Matheson, Harold Meltzer, Lewis Spratlan, and Jack Van Zandt. The composers use very different musical approaches and sonic techniques in response to their chosen spaces.

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