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Mother Falcon: Bio

In June 2013, seventeen young musicians piled into two vans and drove from their hometown of Austin to a brownstone in Queens, where they took up residency for a month. It was Mother Falcon's first trip outside of Texas and another turning point in a very unlikely story. 

Years before, when he started what became Mother Falcon, it never crossed cellist Nick Gregg's mind that his goal to make playing cello as cool as playing quarterback at his football obsessed high school (alma mater of Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees) would get anywhere. Jamming on original material after school with fellow orchestra students at Westlake High was fun, but not radical and certainly not goal oriented. Yet, over months, word of this orchestra jam session spread and the group, now named Mother Falcon after a misheard TV overdub from Die Hard ("Yippee-ki-ay Mother Falcon!), began to include people from McCallum High as well. Before any of its members had graduated, Mother Falcon was featured on the cover of the Austin Chronicle and was playing gigs all over town. While most of them were still teens, Mother Falcon, now numbering up to twenty two players, had become one of Austin's most popular and beloved "bands" with the release of Still Life, their debut EP of classical-crossover pop songs, and another Austin Chronicle cover story. The next year their first full length, Alhambra, saw major local airplay and a series of sold out local shows. Somehow, while its members were focused on being college sophomores, this wild idea of being as cool as a quarterback had made Nick Gregg the founder of one of the coolest bands in one of the world's coolest music cities. Yet, as Mother Falcon won multiple Austin Music Awards, collaborated with Austin legends like Alejandro Escovedo and Christopher Cross and ventured to Houston and Denton, it still didn't seem plausible that such a huge ensemble could make an impact outside of Austin. 

1 Kid
2 Naked + Alive
3 Quiet Mind
4 You Are
5 Water
6 I. E-Sports [Starnation Suite]
7 II. BoxeR [Starnation Suite]
8 III. Oceanside (White-Ra) [Starnation Suite]
9 IV. Gameplay [Starnation Suite]
10 V. He?s A God (NaNiwa) [Starnation Suite]
11 VI. Day[9] [Starnation Suite]
12 VII. Good People [Starnation Suite]
How to Pronounce Mother Falcon

Austin-based indie orchestra Mother Falcon has released their third full-length album, Good Luck Have Fun, on Universal Music Classics. Their first release on UMC, the album marks the beginning of a new partnership, which includes plans to record and release a fourth album in 2016. Mother Falcon's Matt Puckett says of this new venture, "Good Luck Have Fun explores more deeply the indie-pop as well as the neo-classical sides of our sound.  It's new territory for us both sonically and now in our partnership with UMC. We feel the team at the label truly understands both aspects of what we are up to musically and we can't wait to see what comes next.

18 NEW  23 Total
SYND: CBC, Stingray
Direct: MOOD
Markets include: Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, Houston, Detroit, New Orleans, Austin, Albuquerque, Rochester NY, Montreal
Online: Taintradio, Louisville.com, MyStatesman

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