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Morgan Kibby

The Power - Amazon Original Series Soundtrack

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks
Release Date: March 31, 2023

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1 Roxy  
2 The Hour  
3 Eve  
4 A Flare  
5 Fireflies  
6 Blood on the Bar  
7 Burst Into Flames  
8 Carpathia  
9 Deliverance?  
10 Kick in the Teeth  
11 Fix It  
12 No Good Deed  
13 Prelude  
14 Double Speak  
15 Rumors  
16 Girls Working  
17 Nostalgia  
18 Rebel Nuns  
19 Ripple 1  
20 New Organ  
21 Margot  
22 On the Bone  
23 Ignition  
24 Tunde  
25 She Shapes, She Sews  
26 Birthright  
27 Feel of your Mother  
28 Glitch  
29 Eye 4 an Eye  
30 What You Get  
31 Skein Research  
32 Grain Of Salt  
33 Footwear  
34 Guns + Jewels  
35 The Water  
36 In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel  
37 Surrender  
38 God's Opus  
39 A Cure  
40 You Will Need This  
41 New Religion  
42 Roots  
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Milan Records releases THE POWER (AMAZON ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK) by multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer MORGAN KIBBY – listen here. With an extensive resume that encompasses years of classical training, two albums as a core member of M83, numerous collaborations with chart-topping artists, and her own solo releases as White Sea, composer Morgan Kibby draws upon her breadth of expertise to craft a fitting soundscape for the thrilling drama series. Building a sonic palette of layered synthwork and warm orchestrations, the score is punctuated throughout by Kibby’s deft vocal samplings, which come together to underscore and heighten the nuances of the onscreen dystopian story.

Of the soundtrack, composer MORGAN KIBBY says, "It is a rare thing when a project comes along that taps into one’s innate palette and instincts as a creator. The Power, and the exceptional team I had the pleasure of working with, was exactly that. I am so grateful for the free creative reign I was trusted with to help craft the breadth and scope of these stories." Based on the bestselling novel by Naomi Alderman, The Power debuts its first three episodes today exclusively on Prime Video, with new episodes available each Friday leading up to the season finale on May 12 – watch here.

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