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Monks Of the Desert

Blessings, Peace and Harmony

Sony Masterworks

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1 Alma Redemptoris  
2 Salve Regina  
3 Salve Mater  
4 Sequence: Ave mundi spes Maria  
5 Sequence: Stabat Mater dolorosa  
6 Kyrie IV  
7 Gloria IX  
8 Sanctus IV  
9 Agnus Dei IV  
10 Rorate caeli  
11 Puer natus  
12 Parce, Domine  
13 Alleluia, O filii et filiae  
14 Salve festa dies  
15 Kyrie III  
16 Gloria III  
17 Sanctus III  
18 Agnus Dei III  
19 Alleluia, Confitemini  
20 Alleluia, Vir Dei  
21 Alleluia, lustus germinabit  
22 Alleluia, De profundis  
23 Alleluia, Paratum cor meum  
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The remarkable Monks of the Desert, who spend their daily hours praying for peace, working and studying in silence, have entered the realm of major label music production with their Sony MASTERWORKS debut album Blessings, Peace and Harmony. The Monks of The Desert observe a strict daily prayer schedule called Divine Office, or Opus Dei, which takes place 7 times during the day and once at night, starting at 4:00am and ending at 7:30pm. When not praying or studying, the monks run a multitude of self-sustaining businesses including light manufacturing, brewing beer (Monk's Ale & Monk's Wit), an on-site "hotel" and community thrift store in Santa Fe and a separate retail store specializing in hand-crafted religious items, books, music, and folk art.

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