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David Bowie's legacy continues under the expert direction of Mike Garson / Louder Than War

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The magnificent legacy of David Bowie continues unabated as Ian Corbridge joined the massed gathering of Bowie's alumni, under the expert direction of Mike Garson, as A Bowie Celebration swept into Manchester at the start of another world tour. 

It is still hard to believe that it is now over four years since David Bowie left this mortal coil and moved on to entertain those in another dimension. The morning of the 10th January 2016 is one of those moments I will never forget when the news filtered through on the radio and news apps confirming that only 2 days after the momentous release of his latest album, this enormous creative force was with us no more.

There remains no doubt whatsoever that Bowie's musical legacy will live on and there is no better person than his long-time collaborator, Mike Garson, who has played with Bowie more times than any other single musician, to take on the mantle to preserve this legacy in the most authentic of live environments. Since 2018 Mike has established a band of touring musicians of the very highest pedigree, more so by the fact that many, if not all, have played with Bowie or had close associations with his work over the years. Following two highly successful world tours bringing so many of Bowie's classic songs back into the live arena, this latest incarnation of A Bowie Celebration promised 1974's Diamond Dogs album in full plus a whole host of classic songs from Bowie's extensive back catalogue.

With our experience of two previous tours, there was no doubt that the 2020 version of A Bowie Celebration would do this body of work justice. The stellar bunch of musicians who accompanied Mike Garson on keyboards included Gerry Leonard and Kevin Armstrong on guitars, Carmine Rojas on bass, Alan Childs on drums and Terry Edwards on sax, all of whom have extensive experience of touring and recording with Bowie. Vocal duties were split three ways between Living Colour's Corey Glover, Mr Hudson who has collaborated with so many bands and musicians alongside his own solo career, and the British-born Canadian powerhouse that is Sass Jordan who again has collaborated with so many of the great artists of our generation.
Photography by Melanie Smith