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Migguel Anggelo

La Casa Azul

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Migguel Anggelo - La Casa Azul
Migguel Anggelo at Joe's Pub in NYC
Mon Coeur S'ouvre a ta Voix performed by Migguel Anggelo
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1 La Casa Azul
2 Plaza De Arena
3 Te Dare
4 Inmigrantes
5 Que Paso Con El Hijo De La Luna
6 If I Could Play Guitar
7 Metafora
8 Piensa en Mi
9 As Another Flower Bloomed
10 He Oido
11 I Wanna Dance With Somebody
12 Munecas Cobardes
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Venezuelan born singer, songwriter, dancer, painter and storyteller, Migguel Anggelo, grew up heavily influenced by the music and art of his surroundings. His father, a chef, was constantly singing and listening to music while tending to his own craft in the kitchen, while his mother, a ballet dancer, danced around the house to Spanish boleros or classical music. From the moment he first saw Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, Anggelo understood his calling and pursued acting. Rather than focusing on one discipline, Migguel chose to take them all on, becoming a child star in Latin America. Cutting his teeth in the worlds of musical theater and opera, Anggelo brings his larger-than-life emotions to every aspect of his music.

Fresh off a tour as a guest vocalist with The Oblivion Project (a group dedicated to exploring the works of Tango master, Astor Piazzolla), Anggelo returns to New York City, the city he now calls home, to release his album, La Casa Azul. The twelve-track album is composed of ten originals tunes, and two covers the pay homage to many styles of music heard throughout his travels.

The album was recorded in its entirety from a living room in Coral Gables, with the help of twelve truly talented musicians (including producer and music director, Mau Quiros, and Grammy Award winner Felipe Tichauer). Anggelo seeks to inspire listeners with an album rich in poetry, history, art, and the spirit of Latin culture.

The title track of the album, "La Casa Azul" is a narrative of the life of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Being an artist himself, Anggelo was inspired to share her story in a pop-mariachi style. Frida spoke of her reality and pain through her art, much like Anggelo who paints pictures with his lyrics; the music is his canvas and his voice is the brush. Other notable tracks include "Te Daré", which addresses the overwhelming feeling and desire to give everything in our power to the one we love; "Metáfora" imagines a make believe town where all the great poets of Latin America live; "Inmigrantes" is an anthem of hope for all; and a new Tango take on Agustin Lara's Mexican classic "Piensa En Mi."

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