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Michel Camilo & Tomatito

Spain Forever


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Michel Camilo, Tomatito - 'Spain Forever' - EPK1
Michel Camilo, Tomatito - Agua E Vinho
Tomatito and Michel Camilo - La Fiesta (by Chick Corea)
Michel Camilo & Tomatito - Estival Jazz Lugano 2018
Michel Camilo, Tomatito Spain Live 1999
1 Agua e Vinho  
2 Our Spanish Love Song  
3 Oblivion  
4 Gnoissienne No.1  
5 Cinema Paradiso  
6 Love Theme Cinema Paradiso  
7 Nuages  
8 Manha de Carnaval (Black Orpheus)  
9 About You  
10 Armando's Rhumba  
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Pianist Michel Camilo and guitarist Tomatito have had a long-standing and fruitful musical partnership since the release of their first recording together, Spain (Universal Spain, 2000).  Their second album Spain Again came several years later, and now with the third installment of their musical journey comes Spain Forever, released today. Michel Camilo and Tomatito danced around each other's careers for sometime before they came together at the Barcelona Jazz Festival 19 years ago in the Palau de La Música. Each bringing with them histories of Flamenco and jazz, their collaboration resulted in an unexpected sound that was met with critical acclaim on their first two albums. On their third album Spain Forever, it's clear that their twenty-year journey has yielded a shared musical respect. The duo´s language is wiser: there are more silences, more pauses, yet also the aim for more complexity in their duets.

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