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Michael Whalen

Sacred Spaces

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Sacred Spaces Promo 1
Ordinary Miracles
In the Footsteps of the Blessed
Making of by MW
planetmullins interview
Interview with
1 A Metaphysical Morning  
2 Sacred Spaces  
3 Ordinary Miracles  
4 1000 Paper Cranes  
5 The Pure and the Calm  
6 An Ocean of Candlelight  
7 The Inbetween  
8 Devotion  
9 In The Footsteps of the Blessed  
10 The After Life  
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"Sacred Spaces" is an epic recording nearly ten years in the making. "I have been pursuing a spiritual ‘awakening' for most of my adult life. Over the past decade, I realized that I am 100 percent responsible for whatever my relationship with a ‘higher being' might be," says Whalen. Filled with sonic landscapes built from hundreds of layers of sound, "Sacred Spaces" is Michael's tour-de-force electronic project, which seamlessly blends his natural gift for melody with fresh textures and percolating rhythms. Deeply inspired by Michael's film and TV work and his love for progressive rock, "Sacred Spaces" is the ambient recording of the year.

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