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Michael Shapiro


Release Date: March 31, 2023

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1 Prologue - Chaos (chorus a cappella)  
2 Ani Ma'amin - processional (chorus and ensemble)  
3 Siete dias enserados (chorus and ensemble)  
4 Tristeza (soprano soloist, chorus, and ensemble)  
5 Siniza I Fumo (chorus and ensemble)  
6 Qui In Questa Terra (chorus and ensemble)  
7 La Prière du Juif Persecuté (soprano soloist, chorus, and ensemble)  
8 Oh mes hermanos (chorus and ensemble)  
9 Epilogue - Redemption Avinu Malkeinu (chorus and ensemble)  
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VOICES - FOR SOPRANO SOLOIST, SATB CHORUS, AND CHAMBER ENSEMBLE. Based on Sephardic Poetry of the Holocaust, By Michael Shapiro

Movements in different languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Ladino, and Hebrew. Full concert-length work. Lyric soprano soloist. SATB chorus (appropriate for chamber or concert choir). Chamber ensemble of seven (7) players reminiscent of the instrumentation available in the so-called Model Ghetto of Terezin.

VOICES is not meant to be a requiem or Kaddish.  Although it contains Sephardic texts created in the face of unimaginable cruelty, they vary in intent and feeling.  Themes of rebellion, hatred, hope, and beauty spring up.  Having each movement in a different language makes clear the universality of the emotions expressed. The work presents no answers but ponders questions to the most important issues facing humanity.

What would we feel if we were they?  Can we walk with them and know what they knew?  Do we view the earth and sky with their eyes and hear their sighs and shudder at their screams?  Is the frigid wind on their faces under our skin, and do we wipe their tears from our cheeks?  And are we burnt from the fire that turned them into ash?

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