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Michael Fine


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Concerto for Oboe Section - World Premiere
Suite for Strings
Double Concerto for Two Violins & String Orchestra
At The Gate (New Mix)
Brother Fox
Seasonal Rites
Suite for Strings - Finding Home
Finding Home from Suite for Strings
A Time of Uncertainties
Chamber Symphony
Arkansas Symphony Orchestra - in conversation
The Producer's Role
Michael Fine - Concierto del Luna
Michael Fine - Chamber Symphony, Prague Philharmonia, Emmanuel Villaume
1 At the Gate, Overture for Orchestra - Moderato deciso
2 Double Concerto for 2 Violins and String Orchestra I. Andante
3 II. Adagio
4 III. Allegro
5 iV. Andante
6 Brother Fox for Orchastra
7 Suite for Strings (2014) 1. Overture: Allegro
8 Heading North: Moderato
9 Heading South: Andante cantabile
10 Finding Home: Adagio sonore
11 Seasonal Rites for Orchestra I. Spring Revels: Allegro
12 III. Autumn Flame: Andante
13 IV. Winter Candle: Allegretto
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The scores of composer Michael Fine are born from his improvisations on the piano and are nourished by his travels and his readings: his music derives from a poetic imagination and carries therefore lots of visual evocations. From Korea and its palaces (At the Gate) to Scotland and the writer Alexander McCall Smith (Brother Fox), the world and its landscapes pass by over the seasons (Seasonal Rites) as you listen to it.

A sound immersion all the more successful due to the fact that Michael Fine is also a Grammy winning producer for his expertise in sound recording.

What's more, as himself a performer, Michael Fine has written music for musicians. This recording is the faithful testimony of a collective adventure where musicians share their pleasure to play and then offer it to the public.

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