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Michael Fine

Chamber Symphony w/PKF-Prague Phil., Villaume

Evidence Classics
Release Date: January 5, 2023

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First Movement
Chamber Symphony
Arkansas Symphony Orchestra - in conversation
The Producer's Role
Michael Fine - Concierto del Luna
Michael Fine - Chamber Symphony, Prague Philharmonia, Emmanuel Villaume
1 Andantino  
2 Allegro ma non troppo  
3 Andante  
4 Allegretto  
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My Chamber Symphony, for eleven orchestra soloists, began with a jazzy trumpet solo idea that began playing in my head and wouldn't let go till I wrote it down and gave it a context. This expanded into four movements with challenging solos for each instrument. Some have heard the influence of the neo-classical Stravinsky; a friend of Darius Milhaud's widow who heard the piece thought I was channeling Milhaud. The score was successfully premiered in 2019 with an all-star group of instrumentalists under the direction of Scott Yoo. I was particularly pleased when Emmanuel Villaume offered to give the piece its European debut with the Prague Philharmonia, a superb ensemble that I have been producing recordings with for thirty years. It was scheduled in their prestigious Lobkowicz Castle series but twice postponed due to COVID restrictions. I was touched by the Maestro's and orchestra's commitment to the piece as it was quickly rescheduled for their first streaming concert of the New Year, opening a program which also has music by Mozart, Wagner, and Richard Strauss. Excellent company! - Michael Fine

Michael Fine - Chamber Symphony - performed by the Prague Philharmonia with their Music Director, Emmanuel Villaume conducting, recorded at Jatka78, Prague for Czech TV on February 2021 


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