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Michael Borowski

Gardens Of Zion In The Rain

Release Date: March 4, 2022

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Gardens of Zion in the Rain
David Uosikknen's ITP Podcast #104
1 Gloriana (3:26)  
2 Brotherly Love (5:06)  
3 This Is My Song - Frick's Field (5:09)  
4 Penn's Woods (3:38)  
5 Gardens Of Zion In The Rain (6:33)  
6 Bella (3:51)  
7 Adrian's Hat (2:29)  
8 Jaxson's Creek (4:33)  
9 Bees (3:34)  
10 Time After Time (3:47) (Lauper/Hyman)  
11 April Mourning (1:59)  
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Music composed* and performed on solo piano by: Michael Borowski
Produced by: Will Ackerman
Co-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by: Tom Eaton
Executive producer: Michael Whalen

"It’s a blessing to find a path in life which offers one pride and pleasure…I’m fortunate beyond measure to be able to make a living as a guitarist and music producer. Producing musicians who are brilliant players and remarkable composers is the grail we seek. Michael Borowski is one of those musicians and composers who utterly validates that choice for me. Michael plays brilliantly, but his heart gives all of us a view into the human soul..."   Will Ackerman

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